Mega888 Online Casino Malaysia

Mega888 is one of those online casinos that has been consistently gaining popularity in recent years. Many casino players love playing at this online casino because of the quality of services they get while using this platform. This has been the major secret behind Mega888’s growth. In today’s article, we are going to breakdown some of the major aspects of Mega888 that you need to know about in more detail.

What is Mega888

Mega888 is an online casino platform in Malaysia that is known for big winnings. If you breakdown the word Mega888, you will get two words i.e. mega which means big and 888 which means luck. The name Mega888 alone has made it easier for gamblers to adapt the platform because they believe playing at this casino gives you more luck to get big winnings.

The good news is Mega888 always gives its customers services that are beyond what they expect. Some of the core aspects that are behind Mega888’s huge success include the following;

It’s very easy to withdraw winnings

One of the most frustrating things about some online casinos is making players hustle too much while withdrawing their winnings. Things are quite different when you play at Mega888 because your winnings will be paid to you immediately. Once you win a bet, you should contact the dealer who should then wire your winnings directly to your bank account without deducting any fee in the form of charges.

You can use their mobile app on both phones and PCs

Convenience is another aspect that has made many people fall in with Mega888. One can conveniently use the Mega888 app on both their pc and smartphone.

It’s easy to have your queries sorted through their 24/7 customer support

If you have ever played at an online casino, you should know that contacting customer support is one of the things that will always be required in many scenarios. With Mega888, be assured of getting feedback from the support team within a very short time. I would recommend contacting them on WhatsApp if you want to get more prompt feedback.

The thrill of their games

While playing games at Mega888, you’ll find it hard to get bored because of the catchy casino sounds and great graphics that their games have. This is one of the reasons many casino players have always chosen Mega888 over other online casinos. People want to feel the thrill that they get while in the physical casinos.

Good graphics and an easy to use interface

While playing at Mega888, you will be flattered by how easy it is to navigate through the various functionalities of the app and the games. Their developers also did a good job, especially with the graphics.

How to download Mega888 on your phone and pc

As I have earlier shared, the Mega888 application can be used on both the pc and smartphone devices. Let’s share with you the procedure of downloading this mobile app for both the pc and mobile phones

Downloading Mega888 to your iOS smartphones

Mega888 developed 2 applications for the iPhone. This was done in order to optimize performance on both the newer and the older iPhones since they have different processor architectures. So when you get to the Mega888 download page, you will see two options of the iOS app. Choose one where you’re iPhones model falls. 

When you click any of the two links, the application will get installed on your iPhone immediately. However, you will need to trust the app developer in your settings to avoid being inconvenienced by error messages from iOS while using the app. You need to also note that this app is not in the App store. Most of the apps with the name Mega888 that you see in the app store are not part of Mega888. So, don’t download any of them

Download Mega888 to your Android smartphone

The download link for the Mega888 android app is also here. When you click this link, you will see three download options i.e. one for Android and the other two for iOS. Use the one for android to have the app downloaded on your phone. After the app is downloaded, you will have to install it using the normal installation procedure of apk files. Just like for iOS, the Mega888 Android app is also not in Google play store. So, don’t trust any app that bears the name Mega888 in Play Store. 

Download the Mega888 app on your pc

To use this app on your pc, you should first install an android app player. I would recommend using NoxPlayer or Bluestucks because both applications are free and reliable. While in your android app player, follow this link and download the android apk file. After the file is downloaded, you will then use the normal installation procedure for android applications to install it. 

Get Mega888 free credits

If you don’t have an account with Mega888 yet, download their app and signup now to get free credits that you can use to place bets. Just like real cash, when you win a bet with your free credits, you will still be paid your money. You should also take advantage of these credits to learn more about the games before you start depositing real cash.

Mega888 also has in-game credits that are normally given to players while playing games. These free credits can also be used to place bets.

Mega888 test ID

If you want to test how Mega888 works before signing up, you can use the following test Id to log in. username: test1 – test10000, Password: Aa1234.

Mega888 FAQ

a)   How do you download Mega888?

If you want to use Mega888 on your pc or phone, you can follow this link to download the app. When you get to the Mega888 download page, you will find three download options. Choose one based on the device you’re using. Pc users should download the android app because its what they will use through an android app player. 

b)  Is there a Mega888 hack?

Mega888 is a secure platform, so no one should try to scam your money by promising you free credits that you can use to place bets.

 Credits can only be got by depositing cash or getting the free credits that Mega888 gives to new customers and the in-game free credits.

c) Is Mega888 playable on PC?

Mega888 is playable on the pc using an android app emulator. This is because there is no official mega888 app for Windows OS. If you want to play Mega888 on your pc, you will have to play it through an android app player.