As a leading online casino not only in the Asian region but around the world, Mega888 has always been the choice among many players out there whether they are new players or long time players in the online casino arena.

There are many reasons we can give to answer the question why Mega888 is always the best choice among other online casinos.

Unlike the average online casino, Mega888 offers hundreds of interesting games covering various types for all walks of life.

In addition, Mega888 also has a customer service support system that is very satisfactory and operates every day for 24 jam. Not less either, Mega888 also has interesting graphics which is the main factor for many players to enjoy and not get bored even if they choose the same game for days. Mega888 has its own uniqueness – it is so complete and understands the needs of its customers and players.



Every day, hundreds of new players visit this website and then feel attracted to become a part of Mega888 players. This increases the number of existing players from week to week.

Mega888 will therefore constantly improve the available services in order to provide the best to all players. At the same time, Mega888 also understands that among the many new players who sign up, there are definitely among those who do not have basic knowledge in playing online casinos.

Or, some have even played in a real casino before, but this is his first time playing casino online. The atmosphere is quite different. That is what causes new players to feel hesitant and stuck in starting their game.

However, do not worry. If you read this article, with various tips from us, of course you are able to generate a lot of profit from the profit you get here.



Through all mobile devices including smartphones, Mega888 online casino can be accessed as long as it is connected to internet data or WiFi wherever you are. Please also refer to our article on downloading Mega888 for Android or iOS.

If you want to play on PC, you must be download Mega888 on PC you go through the download methods that we will explain in our other articles.


Steps 1: Please register a Mega888 account on the official Mega888 official website by pressing the button below.

mega888 malaysia

Steps 2: Then, when you see a red button with the words "JOIN NOW” at the top right of your screen, please click (as shown in the image below).

mega888 join now

Steps 3: After that, you can fill in your account information like the image below. Please note that you only need to fill in the required information. The information is Username and Password.

fill in the blank mega888

Please always make sure that your new password is the same during the verification process. After filling in all the required information, you can continue by pressing the "join" button.***Make sure you fill in the Affiliate ID section / Referrals as “13027”.

Steps 4: After that, you can move on to the next section. Fill in your account information as shown in the picture below.

fill in the information for registration

All you have to do is fill in the required information

  • email address
  • phone number
  • currency used
  • full name

Please make sure that you fill in the correct information. Make sure you don't fill in false information to prevent your account from being blacklisted.

These rules are made based on the terms and conditions set by Mega888. Therefore, after filling in all the required information, you can continue your account registration session by pressing the button "Register”.

Steps 5: for this step, once you open your Mega888 account, go back to the main page which is the button in Step 1. And you will find there is a space to fill in the Mega888 Username and Password. The space is available for players to log in as shown in the image below.

mega888 id password

Steps 6: it, you can use the Username and Password information you have selected and verified by the system to play at Mega888 as you have downloaded.



Any player who has forgotten their Mega888 account username or password can simply get in touch with our customer service team via the chat available at the bottom right of your screen..

We will respond to your complaint in less than 5 minutes where we will give you a password reset link or send a new password to your registered email address which is the email you entered during the previous registration process.

Players can actually try to reset their account password themselves by clicking on the "Forgot Username or Password" link as shown in the image below..

mega888 join now

After that, we will send you a new username and password to the email address and phone number previously registered with us. This process will take some time 1 minutes.


Mega888 as an influential casino always knows that its players want a lot of games so that they can be used as a place to fill their free time and have fun.

That's why when you look into Mega888 you will find so many variations and game options to choose from. With its own unique theme, covering so many types such as live games, roulette, poker and many others. This is not included with its exciting graphics and will definitely not cause you to get bored just like that.

It doesn't matter if you are a new player or an experienced player, reading the rules on the terms and conditions that have been set by Mega888 is basic and very important because they are always used every day and at all times.

It outlines the things you need to know, and there are also things you need to do so that you always remain a Mega888 player.

Terms and conditions are very important to us in maintaining security and regulations that guarantee Mega888's reputation and service as the best online casino. Not only does it outline what your responsibilities as a player are towards Mega888, instead he also explained about the rights owned by Mega888 to the players.

For new players who are still looking for a guide to download the Mega888 application for the Android version, iOS, or PCs, you can find the guide in our article about how to download Mega888 on Android and iOS and how to download Mega888 on PC.

If you still haven't downloaded Mega888, make sure you hit the link below to start downloading now! Don't wait any longer.

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