In general, for you to play the games that we offer at Mega888 on your laptop or computer, no problem arises, because today's technological sophistication allows not only you, even thousands of players are out there to try our games on mobile devices other than smartphones.

At a time when more and more people started using Mega888. For, it cannot be denied that there will undoubtedly be a number of people who will feel more comfortable playing Mega888 on PC, than on their smartphone. When more and more people start feeling attracted to join it, this is not surprising as Mega888 is one of the most popular online casinos in Malaysia and it will continue to grow among the public.

Without waiting any longer, let's start today's topic. Today, we will explain about how to download Mega888 on PC. And for those who want to know how to download Mega888 on mobile devices including Android or iOS, You can click on the link below to learn more.

To know How to Download Mega888 on Your Android and iOS Device you can refer our previous article for further understanding.


By Using Nox Player

Nox Player can support computer components such as keyboards, gamepad, script recorder, and many more. With this proud achievement and technology, it is the best tool for any gamer who wants to play their favorite games on PC easily.

In addition to being verified as safe and without any lag or slowdown issues, The best Android emulator available today is none other than that, Nox Player. Plus Nox Player which is free and user friendly, even after playing several types of applications at the same time, it can still work well and without any problems.

How You Can Download Nox Player?

Steps 1 : Please visit

Steps 2 : Please click on the download button as shown in the screenshot below.

nox player

Steps 3 : Once Nox Player is successfully downloaded, install the installer as shown below.

nox player homepage

Steps 4 : You will find a shortcut appears on your desktop after the installation process (installation) finished.

mega888 icon

Steps 5 : To download APK for Mega888, you can go to Mega888 official website, you can press on Android button after that. For more information on Mega888 registration , You can refer here.

mega888 download site

Steps 6 : Continue to “open with” Nox Player as shown in the image below, once you have successfully downloaded Mega888 APK.

download nox player

Steps 7 : After that, you will be directly taken to the Mega888 download page as shown below. And just like you do when playing Mega888 on your mobile device, you can use the mouse to press the login button

***Please note that you can open Mega888 on PC if when you install Nox Player together. Please open Nox Player and you will find that the Mega888 application is installed on the Nox Player home page.

nox player homepage


What is Mega888

it, not only you have learned about how to download Mega888 on your PC, you also know about Nox Player, we hope you enjoy playing Mega888 on your PC while using Mega888 Free Credits.

We are committed to providing you with a complete guide on how to download the Mega888 application on your PC. We don't want to waste your time or your money.

Meanwhile, enjoy playing with us and get as much profit as possible with the tips and strategies that we have provided before. You can also try Mega888 without making a deposit by just logging in through Test ID Mega888.

We as the leading online casino in the Asia region and around the world will work in the future to ensure that you can use these features faster and better..


We are always by your side starting from the moment you download the game software until you want to make a withdrawal transaction from your account. Therefore, Mega888 always strives from time to time to provide the best service to you as our valued user.

We will continue to maintain our status as a leading online casino in the Asian region and around the world.

We at Mega888 management always do our best to ensure you have the same opportunity as others to have a Mega888 account and start playing today. Recognizing the fact that the comfort of the players in Mega888 online casino games always varies regardless of age, society, or gadgets you are interested in.

Don't forget to download the Mega888 app so you can play with ease and enjoy the fun!

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