Games With The Highest Winning Rate At Mega888


Mega 888 has a huge collection of games that you will definitely feel dizzy to choose which one you should choose suitable to play today.

You log in to the Mega888 application on your smartphone or PC, and then you will definitely see a variety of games covering the best games that you must try at Mega888 for example such as live games, for example like Live Dealer, nor other common games which are mostly slot machine games such as Jungle Spirit and Fortune Panda.

There are also games like Poker and Baccarat for those who are interested in it. In short, Mega888 has prepared a variety of games that suit all the needs of the public so that you will not waste this opportunity.

One more problem arises that is often expressed by players, it doesn't matter old and new players what are the games that have a winning rate or even known as the highest pay-out.

This is a question for those who are looking for games at Mega888 that can give them big profits and wins in a short and fast time.. It's not wrong because it's really other than where you're looking for fun to play, Mega888 is also often said by many to be a casino where you can make huge returns even on your first day of playing. Great, not?

These games are games on Mega888. It is listed based on our ratings and also based on the ratings given by other players. So, this article will list to you 5 Mega888 game that has the highest win rate. This is so that it can be a guide for all, including you :


aladdin wishes

In accordance with the name brought by him, The Aladdin Wishes game is a game adapted from the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp which is a classic Arab story that was also adapted into an animated film produced by Disney once upon a time.. With songs and music in the game that is so exciting, it gives you the impression that you seem to be in the golden age of Arabia, in a big city surrounded by desert. Not just having great music, even more importantly it has a fairly simple gameplay, because it is a slot game like other games. The graphics are also very good for the players by showing symbols like Aladdin's face, sword, magic lamp and other alphabets that have an Arabic design.

How you can win big in the game Aladdin Wishes, this game you should know that it has 20 lines and minimums 10 bet lines and maximum 25 bet lines. It also requires you to place a minimum bet value of 200 credit. The return is huge when compared to the value of the bet made in the beginning. This is because when you can do the right combination of slots, you have a chance to win big so get more than 5000 credit back into your Mega888 account. It also features a Free Game feature that gives you more chances to make a profit.


8 ball slots

8 Ball Slots are often said to be a great game. It is a type of slot game but its different and unique graphics make it stand out from other slot games. It always goes through a process of improvement from time to time and that's why, keeping it constantly updated with the latest and most advanced graphics. You feel that you are playing in front of a slot machine 8 The real Ball Slots.

The music that accompanies this game is also no less great, it is full of passion and excitement – enough to make you not bored with this game from the moment you start playing. The colorful graphics also give you a fun game atmosphere.

What causes this game to be said to have a high winning rate? Many among the Mega888 players themselves have confirmed that 8 Ball Slots is indeed one of the games that is very easy to get big profits.

This is because of the game 8 Ball Slots have a fairly low bet value ie 10 but able to give you a very large and profitable win return. When you manage to do the correct slot combination, you can get returns from two to five times greater than the value of the bet you make.



In the average slot games in Mega888, Funky Monkey game is a fairly simple game and not so difficult for the players here to understand, no matter old or new. It is a game that only has 3 volume, with one payline that shows how easy this game goes, unlike other games that may seem difficult at first for the players to understand.

With Funky Monkey, anyone can play due to its user-friendly nature. It also does not have free spins or bonus games, and this makes it a unique challenge for players to do their best based on the existing lines. But don't worry because it doesn't have slot symbols that will interfere with your game like you find in other slot games..

Talking about the graphic design adopted in Mega888, it can be said that it is good enough for you. He is also so colorful with the theme like his name 'Funky Monkey', it's quite relaxed and right with the character of a monkey who lives a relaxed and playful life. By Funky Monkey, the minimum amount of credit that can be wagered is also very low ie 3 and you can get a return that is multiple times the value of the bet you placed.


da sheng nao hai

Game Da Sheng Nao Hai need no further introduction, simply put, it is already quite well known and has become a very popular game among Mega888 players themselves.

Apart from being recognized by the name of the game 'shoot fish', it is really fun because it has an ocean and marine life theme that is so refreshing to the players. The purpose of this game is for you to shoot small gold fish that can give you gold coins in exchange for credit later. It doesn't require that much skill for you to be a great and reliable player in this Da Sheng Nao Hai game. With game graphics that are quite interesting and exciting, Of course there will never be bored playing with it.

Because it is a kind of game where you have to shoot certain fish, your probability of winning is quite high, as well as the return you will get. It is not that difficult to shoot the fish because they are not too fast for you to track. What adds to the fun is that Da Sheng Nao Hai also has additional prizes that can increase your profit after the game session is over. It can double your winnings.


5 fortune

The average player is satisfied with the game 5 Fortune because it always gives a lot of bonuses to the players. This game is a regular game because it is a slot game just like other slot games owned by Mega888. The graphics that it has are also quite ordinary but able to attract the attention of players to continue playing with it for a long time. It features symbols such as jewelry and colorful letters that are quite exciting. It fits the theme of the game 5 Fortune is luxury and wealth.

With 25 bet lines available, you only need to place a bet with a minimum value of 5 credit only. The return is quite good. With the speed of this game, you definitely can't keep track of how far and how much cashback credit you've won. In addition, The jackpot is also always waiting for you. So, in other words, this game will definitely give you complete satisfaction.


It can be concluded that Mega888 always has interesting games for you all no matter what your personality is.. There will definitely be a game that suits you later. Trust us because we are the leading online casino in the Asian region and around the world. Many players have expressed their satisfaction playing at Mega888 so this is proof that Mega888 always remains relevant and suitable for you. If you still haven't downloaded Mega888 on your device be it smartphone or computer, this is the time you've been waiting for. Don't wait any longer! Start downloading now.

Please refer to the method download the Mega888 app for Android and iOS or even how to download the Mega888 application for PC if you want to get a complete download guide.

Apart from the list of games that we have mentioned above, You can also try other games at Mega888 if they suit your interests and wishes. We are sure that other games are also able to give you great profits. Important, find your time to have as much fun as you can because Mega888 always wants you to feel happy while playing on any of our websites or apps.

Not only do we have slot games, instead we also have games that are made directly, there are also baccarat type games, roulette and even poker for those who are good at it or who just want to try it. All of them will surely give you satisfaction and pleasure. Don't forget to download Mega888 via the link below now!

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