This slot game called Monkey King was created by the designer CQ9 Gaming from China. Monkey King has added an exclusive series of products offered by Mega888 Malaysia for you players to be comfortable playing from home. Its features that look unique and have never been seen before coupled with its ability to optimize the features available on smartphones and tablets have made this game a brand new game..

This game is inspired by the legendary story of the Monkey King, which is a superhero character who is very popular in the world. With another name that is Sun Wukong, he is known as a character from a traditional Chinese story who does not know the meaning of pain and pain throughout life. Today, it has been revived through its enduring popularity in the modern pop culture of online betting. This game is a combination of two types of games which are roulette games and online slot machines

How to Play Monkey Slots

You start the game by choosing your coin size. This game has 4 the types of coins available and you will start with 1 credit only. It can then increase in value 10, 50, and 100 credit for each coin. After you determine what type of coin you want to use, you can put it anywhere 15 place to bet in the game. Each bet has a maximum value of 100 credit and you are only allowed to put money up to that value. The maximum value you can spend per round is 1,500 credit (100 credit x 15 bet).

15 where the bet is broken down into 5 group, four will represent each character in the game and one will represent the banker as is done in the game of Baccarat. For each of the available characters, This game gives you three types of bets to make which is red, yellow or green.

Red represents the highest bet value while yellow represents the smaller bet value and green represents the lowest bet value.. This means that if the bet value is lower then the value of your winnings is also lower.

Game Mechanism

After you press the spin button, the game will send a "light" that will move through 26 different stops. The symbols for each character and their different colors are representative 24 of the stops while two of them can lead to a fairly lucrative jackpot prize. If the spin stops with a "light" it points towards a character with their same color, you will win the corresponding winnings.

But, if you can't do it successfully, you will lose the bet money. While the "light" is still rotating, The game also actually spins a separate wheel that will determine the outcome of the banker's bet. With this way, you can still get the winning money for the bet made even if your character suffers a loss, or you can also win two winning coins at once if the "light" and the spinning wheel indicate a result that gives you luck.


The graphics for the Monkey Slot game look newer because it has three-dimensional graphics, different from most other slot games. It has quite contrasting and interesting colors. Along with the 'Funky' theme in this game, Monkey Slot looks like a game from the Funky era of the 1970s, 1980-in the 1990s. The attractive graphics available at Monkey Slot will definitely entice you to play here for longer without getting bored at all.

Bonuses and Interesting Game Features

Another special feature that you can see while playing this game is the double wheel that will rotate on the left side of your screen. This double wheel is filled with 7 a special type of symbol that represents various types of enemies to the Monkey King himself. If both wheels land on the same symbol on any spin, the game itself had to turn on the bonus mode which is "Battle Mode".

This "Battle Mode" looks almost the same as the bonus game that we usually see in slot machines. When you see this bonus starts, you will see the Monkey King and one of his enemies fighting causing many prizes to appear more than one. One example of his enemies like Princess Iron-Fan can offer you three bonus winnings (1 for each color) for one of the four main characters.

While, The Golden-Horned King enemy character is able to give you four winning values ​​including the green bet, red and yellow for one of your four main characters. And if you win the battle with Erlang Shen anyway, you will win all or part of the lucrative jackpot prize, depending on how many bets you place during the round session. Many more gifts are available and they differ according to the character of the enemy that is activated through the double wheel process.

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