Fortune Panda


Fortune Panda is also a kind of deep slot game Mega888, which is like Monkey Slot, it is based on the slot machine and not held directly with the dealer or other players. The difference with Monkey Slot is not in the graphics of the game itself. The Fortune Panda game itself is a slot game with 2-dimensional graphics while the Monkey Slot game is a game with 3-dimensional graphics. But, in general the mechanics of both games are the same. By Fortune Pandas, it has a unique and distinctive theme.

What is the theme of Fortune Panda that makes it a game you should try? It features a panda theme which is an endangered animal and is widely found in China as the icon of the game. With its cuteness and coupled with the melody of the game is so soft, This is a must-try game for players who love animals and the cuteness of pandas themselves.

How to Play Fortune Panda

The gameplay for this game is the same as any other slot game. It is also one of the most profitable slot games because it has a very high profit rate. In approx 5 minutes only, you can generate returns in excess of the value of the money at stake. For your information, you must place a bet value with a minimum value of 250 credits so you can play this game. The bet value can be increased from time to time. It has as many paylines 50 CLASSIFIED. You can set either the spin to move and end automatically by using the 'Auto Play' button or end automatically by using the two buttons at the bottom right of your screen. By using 'Auto Play', you don't need to press the 'Spin' button all the time until the end of the game session again.

Game Mechanism

This Fortune Panda has a minimum bet value of 250 while the paylines are as much as 50 CLASSIFIED. Because of this, you have a great chance to win big at Fortune Panda with this impressive number of paylines. You also need to know that Fortune Panda has a wild symbol which is a type of gold block which is one of the symbols in this slot machine game. When it appears on the screen, it will definitely give you double the value of the return for each spin. Additional, This Fortune Panda also has a 'Free Game' symbol that will give you an extra spin session so that you can further increase your rate of return, or better yet, get a more profitable wild symbol.


The design is also very interesting where it features fruits and plants that are synonymous with the life of a panda in the wilderness where it spends its time. All these interesting graphics are like fruit, plants, coin, these jewels and pandas can be found as symbols for the slot machine game itself. for us, Fortune Panda is also a very relaxing and comfortable game for all players regardless of old and new players. It's not boring and even profitable for you! The color scheme is quite cheerful and exciting and this definitely makes Fortune Panda very suitable for those who like fun not to mention when seeing panda animations that sometimes play on the screen.

How to Win the Game

You need to pay attention to certain symbols which are the 'Free Game' and 'Wild Symbol' symbols during your slot game session because they will definitely give you more profit. You can also place a higher bet value as it increases your probability of winning at Fortune Panda even more. Which is even better, when you get 5 Panda symbol on all combinations in your spin, it will give you the biggest bonus in this game which is 'Ultra Mega Big Win' which can give you a return of more than 100,000 profit credit. This is one of the reasons why many say that this Fortune Panda game is one of the games that gives enough returns. The selection of Fortune Panda as your game will definitely end in profit because with 50 the paylines it has, it is certain that certain combinations will help to win in this game later.

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