Cryptocurrency is the latest trend that is gaining traction as a means of payment these days. By simply scanning and paying, Payment can be made anywhere.

Many people are also starting to use cryptocurrencies to carry out cashless transactions. This helps online casinos like Mega888 to also apply cryptocurrency transactions in this casino trip.

Because cryptocurrencies have many advantages such as guaranteeing the confidentiality of online transactions, it also protects your personal data. Other than that, Cryptocurrencies are also constantly increasing in value because they are the choice of many, including from foreign countries. This is why cryptocurrencies are the choice of Mega888 casino.



For your information, Cryptocurrency is a digital and virtual currency that has high security features because it is protected by cryptography.

This helps make it impossible to fake and it also conducts all transactions online using blockhain technology, where it uses organizational methods that can guarantee integrity and transparency in data transfer transactions to its users.

You will have the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) to do the withdrawal or withdrawal process or deposit money into the Mega888 online casino.

All you need to do is to open a cryptocurrency wallet in the blockchain and you can continue the process without any problems after that.



Okay, once you have created a cryptocurrency wallet, you should now log into your Mega888 account and go to the 'Deposit' section and select the word 'withdraw’.

You can now choose whether to withdraw using an online bank transfer or using cryptocurrency as shown in the image below.

You can continue to press and click on the word 'crypto' and fill in the desired information in the appropriate field. Please note that the amount to be determined depends on the value of the cryptocurrency you choose when making the transaction and it is shown in the image below.

You can learn more about this method in our article about How To Withdraw Money From Mega888.



  • Mega888 casino players can enjoy 1% bonus for free every week when they perform the deposit process to Mega888 casino using crypto currency, starting from the time this article was published. Information for this process is shown in the table below.
  • The terms and conditions that must be followed for this bonus are as below :
    Players are required to make a minimum deposit of MYR 100 in Bitcoin value, Ether or USDT within a week to qualify for this promotion.
  • The players are obligated to comply 3 Turnover times to be able to make transfers (transfer) or withdraw (production)
    Every player is eligible to receive a bonus with a maximum value of MYR888 each week.
  • All offers to this customer are limited to one player only which means one person per family, home address, IP address, debit or credit card and/or e-payment account, or shared computer used.
    Each player deserves a maximum of one (1) application to get bonus gifts every week.
  • The players who deserve it are obliged to contact Customer Service us via live chat available at the bottom right of your screen or by contacting Mega888 customer service here via live chat within seven (7) days to claim this bonus.
  • The eligibility of the players will be confirmed at the end of each week and the eligible players will be notified via inbox message every Monday..
  • Players are required to deposit a minimum amount of MYR 100 in Bitcoin value, Ether or USDT within a week to qualify for this promotion.
  • Mega888's General Terms and Conditions apply in applying this bonus to all players.



For your information, all players who play at the Mega888 online casino are eligible to receive the bonus as easily as making a minimum deposit of MYR200 using the previously described method of using cryptocurrency to qualify for this lucky draw.

Full information for the lucky draw is shown in the table below :
The Terms and Conditions that must be followed for this lucky draw are as below :

  • Only available 3 lucky winners will receive prizes in each lucky draw session.
  • The prizes will be credited to the main wallet of the appropriate players within three (3) working days after completion of the inspection period (checking period) that is for one day.
  • Every player is deserving of one (1) lucky draw ticket for every MYR 200 which is found in the amount of the deposit value they make using the Bitcoin payment method, Ether or USDT (for example: Deposit MYR 2000 = 10 raffle tickets).
  • Prizes will be credited to the main wallet of the players directly without any further problems.


When you use cryptocurrency in transactions at Mega888 casino, you can not only experience the currency of the future but you can also take care of your privacy and security due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. This will definitely give you the highest privacy while playing, especially if you are very concerned about privacy.

You should know that being among the first to use cryptocurrencies will give you the opportunity to make more profits in the future..

This is because the value of cryptocurrencies often goes up and down, it will still increase in value overall. What matters, more and more people out there are starting to use this cryptocurrency in their lives, and more and more companies are also accepting cryptocurrencies in their transactions.


Among the conclusions we can make based on this article is that you should try Mega888 online casino by using cryptocurrency for any process including withdrawal (withdrawal) and deposit money into the player's account.

To try this function, you can just try it yourself or you can also connect directly with the customer service department who is on full-time duty for Mega888 by using live chat with them.

If you haven't registered or downloaded this game yet, make sure you press the blue button below to immediately register as one of the players at the Mega888 online casino.

Mega888 is the first and best choice for you, it is the number one and most trusted online casino in implementing the use and application of cryptocurrencies in this country and in the Asian region..

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